About Us

SPAWTZA brings with it over 30 years of sports experience from playing through to coaching, administration, officiating and volunteering to give you an App through which all members of the international sporting community can connect with sports clubs and sports professionals in their own area, quickly and simply.

Tony Fitzpatrick

I was pretty much born into the field of sports administration with both of my parents being heavily involved in their respective sports of cricket, rugby and netball from before I was born. My childhood was spent helping at various sporting and fundraising activities or playing, coaching, administering sport myself from the time I was old enough.
My administration history is as follows;

1983 – 1988 – Committee Member – Celtic Cricket Club, Blenheim, New Zealand
1988 – Committee Member – Victoria House Residents Association, Wellington, New Zealand
1989 – President – Victoria House Residents Association
1989 – 1991 – Committee Member – Marlborough Cricket Association, Blenheim, New Zealand
1993 – 2003 – President – Celtic Cricket Club
1993 – 2000 – Committee Member – Marlborough Cricket Association
2000 – 2006 – Chairman – Marlborough Cricket Association
2009 – 2010 – Committee Member – Awatere Early Learning Centre, Seddon, New Zealand
2011 – 2012 – Chairman – Awatere Early Learning Centre
2014 - 2015 - Founding Member, Akishima Cricket Club, Tokyo, Japan
2016 - Chairman, Playcricket Finland

During this time I have also played, coached, managed and officiated at various sporting events and for various teams from club level up to international level.

Within my roles at the above organisations I have organised teams, chased subscriptions, prepared regular newsletters, built web-sites, developed marketing strategies, maintained membership databases, organised events, found sponsors, employed staff and forever been fundraising for club purposes as well as trying to fit in actually playing for the club.

From all of this was born the idea of SPAWTZA, a way for players to find clubs, clubs to raise funds and to generally connect the sports industry worldwide, so everyone can be a winner.